Dumb Blonde Stereotype

Famous Dumb Blondes in Hollywood

Quote: Jews and the dumb blonde
by David Yeagley · May 27, 2010

“Did Jews invent the dumb blonde? Everyone knows that image–the young, beautiful female blonde who can’t think. Where did she come from, and when? Is there a why? Is it even a valid image? Can a cultural stereotype actually be invented?

In American culture, the first dumb blonde was in fact a Jewish girl, Judith Tuvim, from Sunnyside, Queens. She was on stage as a fumbling dumb blonde as early as 1956 in “The Bells Are Ringing,” (for which she won a Tony). The stage musical was later made into a movie. Judy had been an extra in an Orsen Welles film in 1938 (Too Much Johnson), but she was already the universally established dumb blonde by 1954, as Gladys Glover in It Should Happen to You. She was the kind of dumb blonde that, as mazeltov would have it, ends up on top of the situation, despite her disjunct personality. She wins. The dumb blonde female is the victor. The white female body is the draw, and a curious fate provides the compassion. The stars pity her, and she wins.

Judy Holliday, the original dumb blonde.
She was innocent, hopeful, and Jewish.
Born in Queens, 1921, died in 1965.

Now, this is show business, this is New York, this is Hollywood. Speaking of stereotypes, everyone generally accepts the Jewish dominance in this media. (Jews did invent Hollywood, no question about that. No one else saw any potential in the “moving picture” phenomenon in the beinning. A few Jews did. They created the business, and they’re certainly not to be faulted for that.) And, this dumb blonde image was created in the 40’s and 50’s, especially after WWII was over. (Judy Holliday was in on the war movie bit, too: Winged Victory, 1944.)
And what was WWII all about for Jews? Degradation. It was about that German denigration and cruel humiliation of Jewish people, the disdain for their darker coloring, and rather the exaltation of the blue-eyed blonde “Aryan.” The superior race. The master race.

So, American media Jewry comes up with the dumb blonde.

Eye for eye. Tooth for tooth. If the Germen propaganda presented the superior blonde, American Jewish media would show the dumb blonde. And yet the Jewish dumb blonde did win in the end, partly because of her prettiness, but mainly because of her dumbness…”