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God bless the memory of the brave men and women who gave their lives fighting for their people. They possessed in themselves the fighting spirit of Valhalla and the soul of Odin.

Free men take what they want. Slaves ask permission.
We must secure the existence of our peoples and a future for European children.

The promotion of 25 European Homelands of Western, Celtic and Nordic peoples began in 1225 E.R. (Era of Ragnarok, or 2018 A.D.) These lands will exist as long as the current sea level and arrangement of continents remain, we hope to help other European people around the world create a better future for ourselves and our descendants. The term European is used over the term White and others, because it best represents the dynamic beauty and creativity of the multiple species. In English, as in most languages, the etymology of words changes over time and often includes multiple meanings. The terms Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid, and Australoid have geographic origins. White originally referred to just a color, as did black. This is not an effort to recreate the past, rather we are trying to take some of the rich heritage we still have from the past and build a better future for our descendants. We promote patriarchy as the only productive way to organize our societies. We support the homelands of light skinned and dark brown haired Mixed men closely related to Europeans outside of European homelands, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Solutrea. The word Solutrea comes from Solutreans, the first human inhabitants of eastern Solutrea (United States), who arrived from Europe by crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

We are people of color. We have three species/races of the genus Humo; Western, Celtic, and Nordic. The northern parts of Vinland and Eurasia are best suited for European peoples and the countries there should be populated exclusively by Europeans. At least 90% of the population in Nordic countries should be Nordic, at least 90% of the population in Celtic countries should be Celtic, and at least 90% of the population in Western countries should be Western. These are long term goals. Having blonde hair is an inherent part of being Nordic. Having ginger hair is an inherent part of being Celtic, and having brunette hair (medium to light brown), as opposed to having dark brown or black hair, is an inherent part of being Western. Nature requires us to enforce these definitions.

There are six continents in the world; Vinland, Greenland (South America), Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica and four oceans; Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic. A continent is a contiguous area of land at least 5 million square kilometers in area (3.1 million square miles) surrounded by ocean water. Our 25 homelands are in the northern parts of Vinland and Eurasia. Viturland, ignorantly called Greenland, is a tundra and should be treated like Antarctica, with different countries being able to have stations on it at different locations. Viturland comes from the Icelandic words for white and land. There are 25 European peoples, 25 European countries, and 20 European languages. The Western, Celtic and Nordic species(races) live in these countries and should be the only human inhabitants therein.

The countries are the following: Alaska, Canada, Newfoundland, Iceland, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Suomi, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, France, Deutschland, Switzerland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Magyarorszag, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

The political restructuring of these countries that should occur include the land under the jurisdiction of Alaska from Mt. St. Elias to Ketchikan joining Canada, the land southeast of Lac Saint-Pierre joining America, Northern Ireland joining Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg joining Netherland, Llívia joining France, Monaco joining France, Corsica joining Italy, Liechtenstein joining Switzerland, Kaliningrad joining Poland, Ukraine and Romania each taking part of Moldova and the land between Moldova and the Black Sea, Crimea rejoining a Ukraine that is not controlled by bankers, the northwestern part of Kazakhstan from where freeway A-31 meets the border of Russia near Kaztalova to the Caspian Sea near Isatay joining Russia and the southeastern part of Russia from the southern tip of Lake Khanka to the Pacific Ocean near Tavrichanka joining China.

There are four groups within the genus Humo (formally spelled homo); Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Congoid and Australoid, There are 17 main extant species (races) of the genus Humo within the different groups; humo Nordic, humo Celtic, humo Western, humo Mixed, humo Jew, humo Semite, humo Indian, humo Srilankan, humo Asian, humo Pacific, humo Polynesian, humo American, humo African, humo Ethopian, humo Mulatto, humo Lightmulatto and humo Aborigine. While the names and history of these species are linked to geography their definition is based entirely on their intrinsic features and can exist anywhere in the world.

The word Jew can refer to a member of the tribe or a member of the race. Often Jews who are members of the tribe also have some genetics from the race, but are not classified as members of the race because their features do not qualify them to be members of the race. In those cases, such individuals are most often classified as humo Mixed. Jews have light olive skin, black hair, dark eyes, Caucasoid group skull structures and Jewish facial features.

Beauty and creativity are the most noble ideals. Words are important, but without organized action they are powerless. Bravery is honorable and produces freedom. Innocence is shameful. Victory is necessary.

Man should be educated for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior, all else is folly. – Friedrich Nietzsche